Quầy Thuốc Long Châu

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Company Inform: Quầy Thuốc Long Châu

Tax code:
Type of company: Other


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Email: tonghi131211@gmail.com


Owner: Nguyễn Thị Nguyệt Triêu
Company Profile:
Company address: Chợ giai xuân, h. phong điền, tp. cần thơ, Phong Điền, Cần Thơ
Founded date: 01-01-1970
Company Website:
Phone number: 0947339939
Phone number: 0947339939

Financial Information/Scale

Year Capital Amount Sales Amount Net profit Number of employees
0 VND 0 VND 0 VND 0

Ongoing Job Post Quầy Thuốc Long Châu

Company name Job Post Education/Career Location/Salary Registration date/Closing day
Quầy Thuốc Long Châu Nhân viên bán thuốc
Nhân viên
1 year over
4 years uiversity
Cần Thơ
3-5 million
Nộp hồ sơ
(14 ngày)