Working in multi-language startup environment


경력사항:  신입
고용형태:   정규직
근무지역:  TP HCM
급여: 7-10 백만동

접수마감: 상시채용



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채용공고: Working in multi-language startup environment


모집 인원: 2 명
채용분야(직종):  고객센터·CS,포털.인터넷.컨텐츠
직급/직책: 인턴사원


Freelensia is an online platform where companies can reserve language interpreters and tour guides for short-term events such as meetings, exhibitions and seminars. Our community is growing in Vietnam, China and Japan.


Currently, we are recruiting Startup Specialist who will interact with interpreters and companies to provide and process information/documents in response to inquiries, requests and concerns about our services. The position will also offer many challenges and opportunities to explore in a variety of languages ​​and cultures.


Job description

  • Design flyer, banner, video, etc.
  • Create and run online marketing campaigns, write articles and publish on our social media channels
  • Conduct sales towards our clients and manage interpretation events via e-mail, phone and chat
  • Translate our website, emails and marketing content
  • Website development (back end, front end, system)
  • Build and analyze data with Excel, Google Sheet, Power Query, SQL database
  • Improve our business processes, conduct specialized research and other tasks

자격요건 및 우대조건

학력: 대학4년 졸업


  • Fresh graduate from universities in Vietnam  
  • Willing to do any and all of the above when required (all levels welcomed)
  • Cheerful and optimistic
  • Do not be afraid to challenge, always willing to experience
  • Will to use foreign languages at work (all levels welcomed)
  • Can use own laptop, smartphone and 3G for work
외국어 : 영어,한국어.
성별: 성별무관
나이: 18-25 years old


급여: 7-10 million
복리후생: 주차장 제공,통근버스 운행.
회사주소: R4-43, Mỹ Toàn 2Phú Mỹ Hưng, Quận 7, Tân Phong, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
근무지역: TP HCM
근무일: Monday to Friday
근무시간: 08:00 - 17:00

접수기간 및 방법

접수기간: 상시채용
접수방법: 웹사이트 지원
접수양식: 회사양식 Download

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Please submit your application at:

Visit our website at:


Please submit your application at:

Visit our website at:


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담당자: Diep Nguyen
전화번호: 0898910085
휴대폰: 0898910085
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