Consulting Executive (US Immigrant Visa)

US Direct IMM

경력사항:  1-3년
고용형태:   정규직
근무지역:  TP HCM
급여: 12-15 백만동

접수마감: 2020/01/04



조회수: 88 지원자: 0 저장: 0

채용공고: Consulting Executive (US Immigrant Visa)


모집 인원: 2 명
채용분야(직종):  안내·도우미·나레이터,교육·훈련,행정·경영,사업 컨설팅,
근무부서: Tư vấn định cư Mỹ
직급/직책: 사원

Job description:

- Provide prfessional advice to potential clients in person or on phone in relation to US immigrant visa.

-  Look for new clients and convince them to sign contracts.

- Attend meetings and conduct presentations before clients to introduce/explain in details about US immigrant visa services to them.

- Maintain good relationship with potential clients. 

- Perform in team to set out the most effective consulting solutions to approach more and more potential clients as well as reach the company's targets.

자격요건 및 우대조건

학력: 대학4년 졸업

Job requirements:

- Graduated with Bachelor's degree, age of 25 and above.

- 2 - 3 years of experience in consulting at equivalent positions.

- Fluent in English (especially listening and speaking skill) - required. 

-  Strong verbal communication and negotiation skills, self-motivated.

- Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 

- Ability to convince others, ready to take challenges.

- Enjoy talking to clients, be assertive in work.

전공/학과: 교육·훈련,영어영문학,법학계열,경영학,언론정보학.
우대조건: PPT 능숙자.
외국어 : 영어.
전문직 : 이벤트 전문가,Presentation Specialist,팀워크 능력자,경영분석 컨설턴트.
성별: 성별무관


급여: 12-15 Triệu
복리후생: 사회보험.
회사주소: 228 Phạm Thái Bường, Quận 7, TPHCM, Quận 7, TP HCM
근무지역: TP HCM
근무일: Monday through Friday (9am - 6pm)
근무시간: 9am ~ 6pm

접수기간 및 방법

접수기간: 2019/12/04 ~ 2020/01/04
접수방법: 온라인 지원
접수양식: JOBPRO 온라인 이력서

전형절차 및 제출서류


- Bachelor's degree.

- CV in English.


담당자 연락처

담당자: Ms. Băng
전화번호: 0908388495
휴대폰: 0908388495
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