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CAREERS:  Unrelated career
Employment type:   Full-time job
Working area:  TP HCM
Salary: Decision after interview

End of Reception: 03/12/2018

Type of Industry: 

Recruitment services

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Job Posting: Vietnamese recruitment


Number of Recruits: 00 person
Job Category:  IT·Software·Programmer,Accounting·Finance·Tax,General Affairs and Justice,HR·Labor Management
Recruiting Sectors/Job Descriptions:

[Company Introduction]

Manufacturer of LED products





1. HR 00명
2. Finance 00명
3. IT 00명
4. Legal 00명




[Job Description & Requirements]


1. HR
- Must be fluent in English (Fluent in Korean preferred)
- Experience in HR work more than 3 years
- Business & Literature major preferred
- Able to travel abroad


2. Finance
- Fluent in both Korean and English
- Finance related major required
- Familiar with cash flow and account statement
- Experience both in finance and cost analysis more than 3 years

3. IT
- Fluent in Korean
- MES/POP Developer(C#, JAVA, DB(Oracle, MS-SQL)
- SAP Developer(Beginner Level)
- IT Security knowledge


4. Legal
- Fluent in Korean and English
- Certified attorney from Vietnam, China, Japan, Europe, USA
- Experience more than 3 years at law firm or other companies

Qualifications and preferential terms

Educational Background: Over 4 years university
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[Working Condition & Common Requirements]


1) Job Type: Full Time
2) Education: Bachelor’s or above
3) Nationality: Vietnamese
4) Career Level: Entry-Level or experienced
5) Working Hours: 5 Days per Week, 8 Hours per Week (08:30~17:30)
6) Salary: Company regulation
7) Benefits: 4 Insurance, Commuter Bus
8) Working Location: Korea




**이력서(사진 포함), 경력기술서, 자기소개서 (모도 국문, 워드파일)

Sex: No relation sex

Working Condition

Salary: 면접 후 결정
Welfare Benefits: Commuter bus service,Social insurance.
Company address:: 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로 84길
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Working area: TP HCM

Reception Period and Method

Reception period: 27/11/2018 ~ 03/12/2018
How to Reception: Apply Online
Application Form: JOBPRO ONLINE CV

Recruitment Procedures and Required Documents

Recruitment Procedures:

서류전형 - 1차면접 - 2차면접

Required Documents:

- 이력서(사진포함)

- 경력기술서

- 자기소개서 

(모두 국문& 워드파일)

Contact to Us

Manager: 이혜인
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