SKYAUTONET - Embedded SW개발자 모집 Tuyển dụng nhà phát triển phần mềm Embedded


CAREERS:  Over 2 years
Employment type:   Full-time job
Working area:  Nước ngoài
Salary: Decision after interview

End of Reception: 30/04/2022

Type of Industry: 

Mechanical·Equipment·Motor car,IT·Information Technology

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Job Posting: SKYAUTONET - Embedded SW개발자 모집 Tuyển dụng nhà phát triển phần mềm Embedded


Number of Recruits: 2 person
Job Category:  IT-software,IT Hardware·Network,IT·High technology,System development,Applications program development
Department: Embedded Software Developer
Position/Title: Decision after interview
Recruiting Sectors/Job Descriptions:

1. Job Description

The main task is to develop software based on embedded Linux.
You will be in charge of developing device drivers such as Linux kernel and camera, IMU, and Display, and you can think of it as a C/C++-based programming task.

It's better to know how to develop Firmware Micom using RTOS.


[Technology stack: Linux, C/C++, QT, etc.]



2. Benefit

- Competitive salary with annual performance appraisal.

- Standard health and social insurance.

- Friendly working environment.

- Opportunity to boost up career including oversea training/working.

Qualifications and preferential terms

Educational Background: 4 years uiversity
Apply Qualification

3. Job Requirements

- It is hoped that a person with a bachelor's degree or higher will be held.
- Based on the embedded Linux program, we hope to have more than 3 years of experience
- It would be good to be proficient in using c, c++ language.
- Overall, it would be nice to be interested in 자율주행(autonomous driving), 자동차(automobiles), 카메라(cameras), 전기자동차(electric vehicles), and 로봇(robots).

Major/Department: Electrical·Electronic Engineering,Computer·Systems Engineering,Telecommunication Engineering,Mechanical·Automotive Engineering.
Preferential Conditions: Car driving license.
Foreign Language : English.
Sex: No relation sex

Working Condition

Salary: 면접 후 결정
Welfare Benefits: Lunch provide.
Company address:: Tầng 3 tòa nhà Sky Lake 153 Nonhyeon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Hàn Quốc, Nước ngoài
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Working area: Nước ngoài
Working day: Ngày 5 tuần (thứ hai ~ thứ sáu)
Working Time: Từ 9 giờ sáng đến 6 giờ chiều (1 giờ ăn trưa)

Reception Period and Method

Reception period: 16/03/2022 ~ 30/04/2022
How to Reception: Apply Online
Application Form: JOBPRO ONLINE CV

Recruitment Procedures and Required Documents

Recruitment Procedures:
4. Hiring process

Paper screening (submission of resume) ▶ Online coding test ▶ Interview screening (online interview)

Required Documents:

- 이력서

- 자기소개서 

Contact to Us

Manager: 서효주
Department: 경영지원팀
Phone number: 025708977
Extension number: 8977
Please apply now !
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