SEMITECH VINA(세미테크) 하노이 법인 생산/품질, 개발/영업 경력직 (한국인) 현지채용


CAREERS:  1-3 years
Employment type:   Full-time job
Working area:  Bắc Giang
Salary: Decision after interview

End of Reception: Unlimited time

Type of Industry: 


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Job Posting: SEMITECH VINA(세미테크) 하노이 법인 생산/품질, 개발/영업 경력직 (한국인) 현지채용


Number of Recruits: 1 person
Job Category:  Technical Sales,Điện·Điện tử·Điều khiển,Sales planning·Management·Support,Quality management (QA/QC),Production Management
Department: 생산/품질, 개발/영업
Position/Title: Assistant Manager
Recruiting Sectors/Job Descriptions:

채용부문 : 품질 및 영업사원

직급 :  대리~과장

Qualifications and preferential terms

Educational Background: Not relevant
Apply Qualification
Preferential Conditions: Presentation Specialist,Excel proficient,Good Wording skills,Nearby residents.
Foreign Language : Proficient in English,Fluent in Vietnammese.
Sex: No relation sex
Age: 35세 이하

Working Condition

Salary: 면접 후 결정
Welfare Benefits: Lunch provide,Commuter bus service,Dormitory ,Housing rent fee,Wedding·Funeral allowances.
Company address:: Lo-15-17 Noi Hoang industrial Complex, Noi hoang commune, Yen dung, Bac giang
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Working area: Bắc Giang
Working day: 월요일 ~ 토요일 주 6일
Working Time: 월~금 08:00~17:00 토요일 08:00~16:00

Reception Period and Method

Reception period: Unlimited time
How to Reception: Apply Online
Application Form: JOBPRO ONLINE CV

Recruitment Procedures and Required Documents

Recruitment Procedures:

1. 입사지원서 접수 및 검토

2. 실무 면접, 임원 면접

3. 합격자 통보

Required Documents:

- 입사지원서 (이력서 및 자기소개서)


Contact to Us

Manager: 박한나
Department: 경영지원팀
Phone number: 02043766259
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SEMITECH VINA(세미테크) 하노이 법인 생산/품질, 개발/영업 경력직 (한국인) 현지채용 Share to: