CAREERS:  5-10 years
Employment type:   Full-time job
Working area:  Hà Nội
Salary: Company policy

End of Reception: Unlimited time

Type of Industry: 

Postal service,Portal·Internet·Contents,Trading·Trading Company

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Number of Recruits: 1 person
Job Category:  Logistics·Transportation·Warehousing,Shipping·Marine
Position/Title: Manager
Recruiting Sectors/Job Descriptions:

• Be in charge of benchmarking TikiNow Smart Logistics’ fulfillment practices against best-in-class internal operations to deliver process standards and cost structure improvements. We focus on diving deep into processes that impact Fulfillment Center (FC) operations, including transportation and supply chain processes
• Be responsible for identifying with key business partners, and for developing accurate and relevant metric-driven analyses that support our operational goals
• Plan and execute end-to-end operational analysis programs that result in standardization of business processes and implementation of best practices.
• Lead a small team to benchmark TikiNow Smart Logistics’ fulfillment practices against other operations to drive standardization of fulfillment and business practices.
• Be responsibilities for road-mapping, program scoping, data collection, field work and site visits, data analysis, recommendations, communication of results to senior management nationwide, business action follow-up, and subject matter expert (SME) support for implementation of recommended improvements.
• Be fully engaged and dive deep into the processes we benchmark, highlight variation and identify corresponding root causes to define best customer fulfillment services.
• Conduct operational, financial, strategic and qualitative analysis utilizing financial modeling, statistical analysis, data mining and data analysis involving large data sets to support and improve business operations.
• Partner with senior business leaders across the company in developing and prioritizing programs and communicating/following-up on actionable findings.
• Report directly to CEO - TikiNow Smart Logistics

Qualifications and preferential terms

Educational Background: 4 years uiversity
Apply Qualification

• Bachelor’s degree from Supply Chain Management, Business, Finance or relevant fields
• At least 8 – 10 years of relevant working experience in a large-scale business.
• Solid experience analyzing cost/benefit of Operations Management projects or improvement processes for Supply Chain
• Retail, Logistics and distribution company experience is desirable
• Demonstrated analytical and quantitative skills and ability to use hard data and metrics to back up assumptions and develop business cases
• Demonstrated ability to dive deep in understanding the product, our business, and the competitive landscape
• High attention to detail including proven ability to manage multiple, competing priorities simultaneously
• Experience developing tools, reports, scorecards, and data visualizations that improve upon those currently employed for understanding the business and making decisions
• Experience conducting statistical, financial, strategic and operational analysis and modeling involving large data sets to: support and improve business operations; implement best practices; and conduct cost benefit analysis

Sex: Male
Age: Trên 30 tuổi

Working Condition

Salary: Chính sách của công ty
Welfare Benefits: Social insurance,Bonus,Telephone fee,Fuel fee,Long-term employee awards.
Company address:: Số 3+5 Nguyễn Văn Linh, tổ 17, Phường Gia Thuỵ, Q. Long Biên, Hà Nội
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Working area: Hà Nội

Reception Period and Method

Reception period: Unlimited time
How to Reception: Apply Online
Application Form: JOBPRO ONLINE CV

Recruitment Procedures and Required Documents

Recruitment Procedures:
Required Documents:

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Manager: Nguyễn Hồng Ân
Phone number: 02462919066
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