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Company Inform: Xí nghiệp chế biến gỗ Vinfor Đà Nẵng

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Email: vinafordanang@vnn.vn


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Vinafor Danang specializing in the following fields:

  • Industrial afforestation and exploiting forestry products.
  • Producing wood products from ready raw material of natural forests and plantation forests including outdoor furniture and interior decorating furniture (Capacity of manufacturing product for export is around 50×40 Container FCL per month)
  • Trading, Importing, Exporting Agro-Forest products and its specialities such as: essential oil, slice cassava, coffee, beans, cassia etc…
  • Trading and Importing: Vehicles, Equipment, accessories, machines, consumer products,..
  • Supplying services on hotel, tourism and travelling in Vietnam anf overseas.
    main markets for export: Japan, Taiwan, ThaiLand, Holland, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, …
  • Main markets for Import: Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Russia, Laos, Philippines, Korea, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Papua New Guinea…

Vinafor Danang is willing to manufacture products in accordance with customers””” orders and send required samples to every supermarket, trade center and customers all over the world.
Vinafor Danang desires to co-operate with customers, distributers who want to invest, co-operate, buy or process agriculture and forest products for export.

Company address: 815 Ngo Quyen Street, Son Tra District, Danang
Founded date: 01-01-1970
Company Website: http://vinafordn.com.vn/en/
Phone number:
Phone number:
FAX: 0236.3831312

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Xí nghiệp chế biến gỗ Vinfor... Kỹ Sư Chế Biến Lâm Sản (vẽ Và Thiết Kế Sản Phảm)
1-3 years
Thái Nguyên
7-10 million
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1 year over
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5-7 million
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(30 ngày)